June 14, 2018

Bride Stradia II Seat installed on a Subaru STi

The Bride Stradia II is one of the most lightweight, rigid seats on the market. Coming in at only 26lbs, the carbon aramid and all aluminium frame save weight while still supporting a strong seat. The Bride Stradia II also has reclining adjustability and is available in several finishes and colors. 

One of our long time customers Det brought his STi in to get the Stradia II Installed.  This time last year, this STi believe it or not was pretty much stock. Since then? Not so much! It now has a built motor, upgraded turbo, upgrade suspension, upgraded brakes, the list goes on and on.

Bride seats are heavily counterfeited for a good reason. The reason being….just look at them! They are one of the most exotic looking seats you can outfit your car with. But as with any part, its important to buy from a trusted, authorized retailer . You wont find any fake parts at R/T. Contact us today for real deals on real parts!