June 13, 2018

Boosted Performance Twin Scroll Turbo Kit for Nissan 370z with new CT4X 6267 Comp Turbo

The Boosted Performance turbo kit for the 370z is the most affordable and complete kit on the market. It’s mid mount design means that you can chose from a variety of Comp Turbos and the installation will take less than half the time needed for a more complicated twin turbo set up.

R/T Tuning is proud to be the first authorized dealer of these kits, and we currently have several in stock and are ready to install them. Our Stage 1 kit comes with everything you need to make 500+hp and 440+tq right out of the box. With additional mods (not included) this kit can make nearly 800whp!

Our Kit includes:

  • Boosted Performance Turbo mounting pipe, down pipe pipes and mid pipe connector
  • Boosted performance front mount intercooler and piping
  • Comp Turbo Oil-Less CT4x 6267 rated for 800hp
  • Injector Dynamics id1050x fuel injectors
  • Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump
  • (2) TurboSmart CompGate 40mm External Waste Gates
  • (1) Tial Q50 Blow off Valve
  • Southbend Stage 3 “Daily” kit with lightweight steel flywheel
  • NGK One Step Colder spark plugs
  • Omni power 4bar map sensor
  • Ecuktek license and custom dyno tuning
  • And best of all COMPLETE INSTALLATION at R/T Tuning.

Our Stage 1 kit is in stock right now and is available for $13999 installed and tuned with all the components listed above. You can drop your 370z off on a Monday and pick up on that Friday. It’s simply the best and quickest way to boost your Z.  We have 3 kits in stock as of this writing with no lead time at all. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

215-855-5565 ex 1

(Please note that these kits will only fit 2009-2018 Manual transmission 370z and are designed to work with Fast Intentions, Tomei single exit , or Nismo exhaust, other cat back systems may work as well, or might require additonal fabrication which would not be included in the package price)