Authorized Cobb ProTuner

R/T Tuning is proud to be both an Authorized Dealer and ProTuner  for COBB Tuning.

COBB Tuning offers plenty of OTS (off the shelf) tunes already loaded on their AccessPORTs for turbo Subarus, Mitsubishi Evos, Turbo BMWs, Nissan GTRs, MazdaSPEED 3 & 6, and now the new Ford Focus ST. These OTS tunes are somewhat generic however, having to work reliable on cars from all over the country, with all different types of weather and altitudes. They also need to work well with many different types of intake, exhaust, fuel and turbo set ups. This is where a ProTuner steps in. A few hours (in most cases) on our dynos will make your car feel like a different animal.

COBB Tuning is an engineering company dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicle performance & driving experience and R/T Tuning is dedicated to implementing those improvements.

For more information on Cobb Tuning Products visit www.cobbtuning.com. To purchase a Cobb Tuning AccessPORT or any of their fine intakes, exhausts and other products stop by our retail speed shop or visit of online store at www.rt2s2.com.