January 27, 2017

Stillen Supercharged Q50 tuned with Ecutek

Phil’s Supercharged Q50 sitting on Vossen’s

We just wrapped up a Stillen supercharger and Snow Performance direct port methanol injection installation along with an EcuTek Technologies Ltd tune on Phil’s 2015 awd Q50. The last time we tuned this car it made a respectable 299hp/265tq. Of course back then, it only had intake mods, and exhaust. Now it’s making a ridiculous 561hp/421tq with the meth and 503hp/404tq without. Easily the highest hp Stillen kit we’ve ever done, and have done a lot of them.

Check out the dyno graph and the huge difference the meth injection makes.

Now that that tuning is wrapped up the car is heading to Level 10 Transmissions in NJ for one of their tried and true bulletproof transmission rebuilds. We can’t wait and neither can Phil.

If you would like to learn more about unleashing the true potential of you Q50 (or g37, g35, 350z, 370z, all things VQ) Contact us today!