3M Paint Protection Film & Window Tint

We are  excited to now offer you window tinting and paint protection service!

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R/T Window Tint and 3M Paint Protection Film

3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film and Window Tint

This paint protection is designed for your vehicle and protects high-impact areas from rocks, road debris, and other environmental hazards. The film is virtually invisible and is extremely durable, stain/scratch resistant, and maintenance free. 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film will not fade or yellow, and will keep your vehicle’s paint in perfect condition.

Our window tint selection includes FX Premium window tint, color stable, and crystalline.

We offer a wear & tear package that protects the smaller wear and tear areas of your car from everyday scuffs and scratches cause by keys, jewelry, door dings, and luggage. We cover areas like door handle cups, door edges, and the rear truck ledge. This protection film will prevent any damage in these common areas, having a significant impact on your vehicle’s appearance, all with an invisible film.