A proper alignment can make a bad car good, and a good car excellent. A lot of “performance” shops totally neglect alignment services, due to the equipment cost and the difficulty finding a talented suspension & steering technician.  Some are more than happy to sell and install a new set of coilovers or lowering springs, but then refer you to a national tire chain for your alignment.  Tire store chains are who we have to thank for the phrase “toe and go”. They may have the equipment, and some may even have a technician who understands suspension and steering, but time is money at a tire store and if that alignment rack doesn’t see at least  10 cars a day, its not making any money, and if the alignment tech isn’t seeing that many cars, hes not making money either.

That’s where R/T Tuning is able to shine. We have a state of the art Hunter DSP600 Digital Alignment Machine. We have alignment technicians  that have spent the last 15 years specializing in under car  performance. And we have time. We will  typically only schedule 2 alignments per day, and that is because most of the vehicles we see have heavily modified suspensions that require time and focus to set up right

Some key features of our alignment rack:

  • Electronic Vehicle Ride Height Measurement System: Which allows us to set your coilovers to equal levels.

  • Electronic Corner Weighting: This allows us to balance your cars weight by adjusting the suspension. It makes sure each wheel has the same amount of weight on the ground. Or you can shift the weight where you need it. Doing this makes the car easier to handle and allows you to make faster lap times.

  • Integrated Bump Steer Measurement System: Basically this system moves the car through its suspension travel to see where the numbers move and if you’re getting bump steer. Then we can get the proper parts to fix the issue.

  • Laser Sensors: You don’t have to remove bumpers like you do on some other types of machines.

  • Special Adapters: Safe for all wheel types. Won’t leave scratches.

We are also heavily involved in all sorts of motorsports and have done full suspension  and alignment set ups for several types of race cars including: Formula D drift cars, Global Time Attack cars, Honda Challenge cars, HPDE, NASA, and SCCA, Hill Climb,  Drag cars, you name it, we’ve aligned it.

But of course its not just race cars all the time, we have set up countless street cars, with everything from a totally stock suspension to lowering springs or coilovers and airbags. We have done it all.

We’ve been setting cars up this way since before it had a real name, people used to just come in and ask for a more awesome looking car, now we get asked to “stance it out”. We have rolled so many fenders and fitted so many wheels and spacers over the years we have lost count. But our results are out there on the streets, just look for the “RT Aligned” stickers or check our Facebook and Instagram.

Pricing for alignments:

  • Package 1: Consists of a basic 4 wheel alignment.  This is applicable to vehicles running OEM suspension components or with lowering springs only. $150

  • Package 2: Consists of a 4 wheel alignment on a lowered car with coilovers, adjustable dampers. adjustable camber/caster arms. This alignment package includes ride height adjustment and camber adjustment (if applicable) and also applies to vehicles with air suspension. $300

  • Package 3: Lowered car on coilovers with all applicable  adjustments. Includes setting adjustable sway bar endlinks and corner balancing$500

  • Package 4: European Car alignment -(BMW/MERCEDES/PORSCHE/ETC) $200


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