May 29, 2018

Ripp Supercharged Jeep Grand Cherokee Coated with Ceramic Pro

If you want to refresh, revive, or simply protect your paint, Ceramic Pro is the right choice to make for your vehicle. Ceramic Pro is the number one nano-ceramic coating for paint protection and has various formulas for specialized use when coating paint. These coatings are specially formulated depending if they are going to be used as a base coat, top gloss coat or for yearly renewal.

We applied the gold package on this Grand Cherokee, removing any swirls or scratches from the surface of the paint with a 2 step paint correction, then protecting the paint with 4 layers of 9H ceramic coating and 1 layer of Light. The gold package we applied will hold the metallic sheen of the paint for years to come and prevent it from dangerous UV exposure, chemicals, scratches, and many other harmful elements. Not to mention, the paint looks better than it did from the factory and is now water resistant. We also ceramic coated the black SRT wheels, the calipers, and the windshield.

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