September 6, 2016

H&R Coilovers Now Available For MKV R32


H&R MKV R32 coilovers

H&R Premium Performance Coil Overs have all the features of the Street Performance Coil Overs, with ultra lightweight aluminum front struts that reduce unsprung weight. Weight is reduced 30-40% over stock struts. Reduced unsprung weight improves suspension articulation, resulting in optimized performance and superb ride comfort. The aluminum struts are black hard anodized for strength and beauty— giving your vehicle a little German style. H&R premium coil overs have the best ride quality, while increasing control and reducing body roll. Click HERE to buy!

Lowering Specs

Front: 1.2 to 2.2-inches

Rear: 1.0 to 2.3-inches

Application: 2007-2009 Volkswagen R32 (AWD)

Part Number: 39258-13