May 15, 2018

Great Falls Green MK7.5 GTi in for an APR Stage 1 Tune

With only 4,000 miles on the clock, this Great Falls Green GTi came in for the perfect first mod, and it’s the first step towards making more power. The APR stage 1 tune requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces 305-328 HP with 371-382 FT-LBS of torque. Gains as high as 78-97 HP and 95-110 FT-LBS of torque are available throughout the power band. Optionally a low torque version of Stage I is available that puts less stress on the factory clutch.

To get more power, the vehicle can be outfitted with an upgraded intake, intercooler, catback exhaust and other small modifications without requiring any new modification to the ECU. APR recommends properly gapping the factory spark plugs to a tighter gap (Ex: 0.024″ ±0.002″ or 0.6mm ±0.05mm), properly installed and torqued (Ex: Per the manufacturer’s specifications), and maintained with a shorter changer interval (Ex: 10,000-15,000 mi or 16,000-24,000 km).

Great Falls Green

The color was unlike anything and shifted from green to blue. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of these for a quick and easy modification, please contact us at 215-855-5565 extension 1 to schedule an appointment.