AWD Mustang Dyno

Several years ago we saw a huge increase in demand for all-wheel drive tuning. Rather than turn this business away, or simply “street tune” those vehicles, we decided it would be in both our customer’s and our best interests to invest in another dyno. But rather than simply trade in or sell our in-ground DynoJet , we opted to set our selves apart and become one of the few shops in the country who can say they own and operate both a DynoJet and a Mustang Dyno.

Our Mustang Dyno, like our DynoJet has also seen thousands of pulls and hours of tuning. It too, has also been used for several charity dyno days, car club dyno days, and research and development for several well known companies like Tomei, Mishimoto, Dorman Products and more.

Also our pricing for the AWD Dyno is simple, where other shops might charge different hourly rates for different systems, or a flat rate based on your vehicle and types of modifications, we here at R/T Tuning believe that a set hourly rate of $260 per hour is fair for both parties.


  • All Wheel Drive Tuning (includes wide band oxygen sensor use and print out)
    • $260 per hour
  • Dyno Rental for Individuals, Car Clubs, or Companies
    • $ Please Call