2WD Dynojet

Our in-ground DynoJet  (one of two dynos at R/T Tuning) has seen thousands of pulls and hours tuning , delivering precise and consistent results every time. It is used daily for our own tuning, but it is also available for rent to car clubs or forum groups who want to have a “Dyno Day” and do some power pulls. We are no stranger to “Dyno Days’ and have hosted several in the past, many of our friends and customers look foward to them, as we usually do at least one a year for various charities. As a matter of fact this very dyno has helped raise over $15000 in donations for various charities and individuals in the tuner community in need.

Our DynoJet is also available for automotive companies who need product testing done. Have you ever used CRC Industries Mass Air Flow Cleaner? Ever check the back of that can? Next time you do, read the back, and you will find that the horsepower gain claims they make on the front of the can were tested and verified on our dyno. We have worked with several well known companies in the automotive industry for research and development purposes such as : Dorman Products, CRC Industries, Mishimoto, and more.

Our DynoJet is also available to people who just want to see where their car is power wise. Whether you want to get a baseline reading before or after  bolt-on modifications, or simply want to know what kind of power your stock vehicle makes, we can make it happen.

And best yet, our pricing for the 2wd dyno is simple, where other shops might charge different hourly rates for different systems, or a flat rate based on your vehicle and types of modifications, we here at R/T Tuning believe that a set hourly rate of $260 per hour is fair for both parties.


  • Front or Rear Wheel Drive Tuning (includes wide band oxygen sensor use and print out)

    • $260 per hour

  • Dyno Rental for Individuals, Car Clubs, or Companies

    • $ Please Call